Terminator Genisys

Remember playing Terminator with your friends as a child? I’m guessing so does the cast and crew because everyone in this film feels like they are recreating scenes from the first 2 movies. While Kyle Reese isn't that bad, everyone else seems miscast. Emilia Clarke brings none of the badass-dom to Sarah Connor that Linda Hamilton did, and Jason Clarke is worse as a robot than he is as John Connor. 

The movie isn’t awful though, they did not have any of the camp of T3 and they really put their best foot forward. Some of the ideas are half decent but how many ways can they keep replaying the "Stopping Judgment Day" scenario? JK Simmons’ character was a rather interesting addition and they attempted to insert some "12 Monkeys" style time travel issues into the movie that made it cogent. 

Most of the action is pretty good and the 3D is used to good effect in the action sequences. There is one kill where a T-101 loses its head and really felt like it was coming out the screen (we saw it in IMAX 3D). One of the biggest problems I felt with the film was "too little, too late." The early 90’s coolness of seeing liquid metal has worn off, the Matrix and all of the big superhero movies have given us new special powers and heroes to emulate. Sadlys Terminator needs a hard reboot to impress today’s movie goers. 

For a Sci-Fi action movie that tries, we give Terminator Genisys 3 out of 5 stars.

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