Showdown in Chaguanas as WICB ride into T&T

The big day is here. 

Today is the day that Dave Cameron and his team from the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) come to face the music like men. We can only hope they have come prepared to answer the hard questions at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation from 7pm tonight

The continued omission of Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard from, at minimum, the limited over formats of the game, will be high on the agenda of Trinbagonians. Also questioned will be the recent sackings of Dinesh Ramdin and Merissa Aguiliera as captains. 

Cricketing reasons have been given for all these actions but as we would say locally, there seems to be 'more water than flour' in these situations. The literal translation of that saying is that when there is more water than flour in the mixture, you end up with a waste of material that can't be used. It seems more than apt to describe the state of the West Indies in such a manner as the more we change and chop, the less it seems that we can be rescued from the mire in which we currently wallow.

The timing of the town meeting itself is also questionable. T&T is the last of the territories visited and was even mistakenly listed as being visited already before the TTCB rightfully contradicted that statment, ensuring that this one was scheduled. Combined with the fact that the West Indies teams have been picked for the Sri Lanka tour already, it gives tonight the feel of an afterthought and just for show as opposed to having any real value.

Is the WICB President ready to answer questions on the status of the legal case with the Cricket Board of India (BCCI), who incidentally placed the entire fiasco at his feet rather than those of the players?

Is he prepared to explain why Pakistan were able to unilaterally call off a tour, ensuring that the West Indies cannot participate in the ICC Champions Trophy 2016 as a result, without repercussions? 

Can he explain how voting for India, Australia and England to control the ICC and ceding our status as equal partners around that table, benefits West Indies cricket in the long-term ?

From all reports  local stakeholders who are committed to improving the game in the region intend to have their say tonight in the hope that the WICB "head-honchos" take heed of our concerns in the twin-isle republic. “We face many important issues and it is important for the entire region to merge our efforts to make the cricket industry more viable than it has been in recent times,” Cameron is quoted as saying. 

With rumours abounding of a definite anti-trini bias after the TTCB did not vote for his return as president and a "trini clique" blamed for encouraging the strike in India, one hopes that Mr. Cameron recognises the value in his statement and is genuine in his desire to merge efforts. 

The time for Fadda Fox's ''Ducking'' is over and Mr. Cameron now has to embrace Peter Ram's "All ah we" as his new anthem if the West Indies is to move forward.We expect heat later in Chaguanas if the general mood of the cricketing public in Trinidad and Tobago is of any indication. Mr. Cameron will know that if he can't stand the heat he may well need to get out of the kitchen.

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