Local Volkswagen dealer claims T&T unaffected by global scandal

Mega auto company Volkswagen (VW) has taken a massive beating after being convicted by the United States of rigging their car emissions tests for diesel. The auto giant is facing about eighteen billion Euro in potential fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The issue was detected while the cars were operating under controlled lab conditions involving a stationary test rig. A “defeat device” located in the cars, puts the vehicle into a safety mode. This permits the engine to run below normal performance and powers. When the cars go onto the road they switched from that mode causing the engine to emit nitrogen oxide pollutants. VW CEO Martin Winterkorn admitted that about eleven million cars worldwide are customised with the “defeat device.”

Triniscene.com contacted Best Auto Motors, local dealers for Volkswagen, and a representative claimed that "this does not affect this hemisphere and market." The representative went on to say that "Volkswagen usually sends proper protocol to treat with these issues." However, he did mention there was one concerned customer who called them about the issue.

Despite the claims by Best Auto Motors, where the cars are imported from was not mentioned and neither was the fact that it was a global issue, and not one confined to the Western Hemisphere.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is advising Volkswagen customers that should they have concerns and want to lodge a claim they must do so in writing, attaching vehicle purchase receipt  and/or ownership documents, findings, copies of articles that coroborate issues to Dexter Morgan, Director of Consumer Guidance, Ministry of Trade Industry and Investment, Level 19, Nicholas Tower, Independence Square, Port-of-Spain.

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