Jack's fight just beginning




No Red Card for Warner Just yet. It seems former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner will not be going to the United States any time soon.

Legal sources have told Triniscene.com that the real discussion on whether Warner will be extradited have only just begun, with enquiries to take place soon. They say that the possibility exists that every legal avenue will be utilised to draw out the court process and that the former Independent Liberal Party (ILP) political leader will not be leaving Trinidad and Tobago any time soon. Should the court rule in Warner’s favour then he would not be extradited to face the charges of fraud, money laundering and racketeering that is against him in the states. Those same sources say, however, that should the process not find a conclusion in a reasonable time frame, the United States can reopen the case as many times as is necessary for the matter to be properly addressed.

Warner was informed at the Magistrate's court on Monday that Attorney General (AG) Faris Al Rawi, had signed the authority to proceed document on the extradition request from the United States. However, his attorneys lead by Fyard Hosein, have stated that they will challenge Al Rawi’s decision, claiming that the original deadline was September 16 and that as a result, Warner should be discharged.  Al Rawi had asked for more time in order to review the extradition documents.

For the time being the stage is now set for the enquiries to take place. The state is represented by Queen’s Counsel James Lewis, head of the central authority Netram Kowlesssar and Senior Counsels Pamela Elder and Brent Hallpike. Jack Warner will be represented by lead attorney Fyard Hosein, attorneys Rishi Dass , Anil Maharaj and Nyree Alfonso


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