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Under promise and over deliver.

It’s a business mantra used in trying to please customers. It ‘s like this:  if something can be done in 3 days, you say you can have it done in 5 for the earliest and then deliver it in 3. The customer is ecstatic. There is a huge difference between this and saying “I can do this in 2 days” and then delivering it in 3. The customer gets the service in the same time, but the reaction and the feeling upon delivery would be completely different despite no difference in what has actually been received.

What does this have to do with Suicide Squad you ask? Well, it seems that the show has suffered from something similar.

With all the hype surrounding Will Smith, Margot Robbie and especially Jared Leto’s Joker, Suicide Squad was billed as one of THE movies of the “summer” Hollywood blockbusters. Coming off the dismal effort that was Superman v Batman, Warner Bros and DC Entertainment who also own the Suicide Squad franchise, billed this as the movie to catapult the DC Comics Universe onto the same plane as the already successful Marvel one (Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man...those movies). In that regard, it was a huge expectation and weight for one movie to do. Suicide Squad collapsed under all that weight and the initial reviews circulating throughout the internet seemed to reflect that.  I mean, it was ranked as worse than Fantastic Four and Green Lantern in the “Comic Book Movie” genre. That’s pretty low.

However, the movie turned out to be pretty good making me wonder what all the criticism was about. Suicide Squad is packed full of action from start to finish with few, if any, huge plot holes. We get a decent reason as to why Will gets to walk around the movie without his Deadshot mask. There is no “Martha” dues ex machina moments here just genuine fun and hijinks throughout.  Robbie and Smith get to lead the show without really leaving the rest of the cast in their shadow. Each of the “squadders” get a moment or two to shine (except maybe Katana) although Robbie and the Fresh Prince get the star turns. Minor spoiler, in that Leto’s Joker does not play a pivotal role, being more a side story. But, that does not affect the quality of the show but moreso the off screen marketing campaign that focused a lot on him.

Which brings us back to the intro of this article. If you are looking at this movie as part of the grand tapestry that is Marvel vs DC or for it to be redemption for Dawn of justice and provide hope for Justice League, you may be looking for too much. If you want to have an enjoyable evening and snack on some popcorn and gourmet hot dogs, this is just the flick.

Suicide Squad when just viewed as what it is, a show about some bad guys being forced into saving the world and their journey along that path, is an enjoyable film that brings all the fun, action, drama and explosions expected of a Hollywood summer blockbuster.

It is definitely worth making a trip to the cinema to take in rather than waiting to get it on your TV screen. 

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