Independence Day Resurgence Movie Review

Last year, some 10 plus years after their last instalments disappointed audiences; both Star Wars and Jurassic Park were able to continue their franchises with record breaking success. They avoided the backlash of rebooting or remaking a beloved film these new instalments by cleverly having the new characters retrace the steps of the original films.

On the other hand, Max Max came roaring back to life with a ground breaking new entry that struggled to find an audience. The new instalment of Independence Day comes out 20 years after the original and successfully recaptures the essence of the original by also retreading very familiar story beats much like Force Awakens and Jurassic World did.

Advances in CGI since the original ID4 in 1996 has made it possible for larger and more detailed scenes of destruction but in the hands of Michael Bay and Zach Snyder they are just an assault on the senses and are often hard to follow. Director Roland Emmerich is the master of disaster movies and he understands all the CGI in the world means nothing if you don’t care for the characters that are in harm’s way. With this film Emmerich brings back most of the cast that survived the original (except Will Smith) and introduces some new characters that are very cheesy for a 2016 movie but follow the Emmerich formula of putting characters the audience can relate to in these situations.

This is why I think the movie works, yes its 15 years too late and the script has some very 90’s aspects to it but it’s a blockbuster that delivers all the popcorn fun you want without being exhausting or a downer to watch. I also think praise should be given for their attempt to broaden the sci-fi aspects of this universe which makes this movie feel a bit like a prequel to Star Trek while the 1996 original was just an update of War of the Worlds.

A very enjoyable sequel for fans of the original (and Goldbulm).
3/5 stars

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