The Nestlé Fit Fest Health Fair And 5K Is Here!

Have you ever wanted to get fit but just didn't have the time or know how to get it done? Last month Nestlé launched its ‘Do Some Good Campaign’ and in the continuance of that spirit the company has furthered it’s commitment towards promoting health and wellness in Trinidad and Tobago by launching its 4th annual Health Fair and 5K earlier this week.

The fair will be held on Saturday May 7th at the Queens Park Savannah which will be transformed into a Health Village, beginning at 2:00pm. Nestlé promises that it will be a fun filled day packed with excitement, prizes and innovative activities for the entire family. The company expects 5000 participants to attend.

This year the theme is ‘Child Obesity. Corporate Communications Manager for Nestlé Trinidad and Tobago, Denise D'Abadie, said that in order to focus on health and well being the company has partnered with NGOs who are going to work alongside Nestlé to teach consumers what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. “In particular what we need to do to prevent the onset of non communicable diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.”

There will be product samples, an aerobic burnout and free health tests inclusive of Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure, Sugar levels, Eye Examinations, fitness and dental demonstrations and many more.

D’Abadie added that the 5K itself was an important element because it encourages consumers to be physically active. “We’re not expecting people to run and come first in 14 to 15minutes, but what we’re expecting them to come and do it and in doing that let it become something that they will continue to do from now on”

Nestlé has improved on the 5K this year with there being more than $40,000 in prizes to be won. They have secured the services of race management company ‘Rainbow Warriors’ to facilitate the race. Jason Gooding from Rainbow Warriors said that a new innovation at the race will be that of electronic timing. Gooding mentioned that it was a popular request among participants and was glad to see t introduced this year. “All results are going to be posted online as soon as the race is done or even before while the race is going on” said Gooding, “It’s just immediate feedback on your results”

 Registration for the 5k Run/Walk is $60 and can be done at Kenny’s Sports Centres nationwide as well as online at  .

With the aim of the Health Fair being to educate the public on Child Obesity and other non communicable diseases, Nestlé’s planned activities seem well on its way to achieving that goal. The Fit Fest and 5K promises to do some good as it gets Trinidad and Tobago up and running towards a healthy lifestyle

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