Tighten that Belt

A nation waits with bated breath. People queue at gas stations expecting the worst.Consumers anxiously expect to impending increases. What is all this anticipation about? The Honourable Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert, will be doing a first for the Trinidad and Tobago population- a Mid-Year Review of the Budget. Many have started to speculate what will make the list. All we can do is look on eagerly at our  social media updates online, at our televisions and keep our ears glued to the radio (if we're more than likely stuck in traffic) as we hope to hear a glimmer of some glad tidings.

Despite the gloom and doom that has been spelled out in the public domain, we hope this will represent another opportunity for the Finance Minister to sit the population down and let them know the true and unedited state of the economy. Moreover, rather than add to the tension in the public domain, he can allay stress by clearly outlining paths and policy prescriptions that can take us forward.

All we can do is wait as a nation... and sit poised to analyse this new development in our history.

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