Police Officer The Latest Murder Victim

The nation's police service has been plunged into mourning as Constable Anson Benjamin, 45, became the country's latest murder victim.

Benjamin was pronounced dead at around 11:30 this morning after being put in a medically induced coma from being shot in the head earlier in the week. He was warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The police constable's death brought the country's murder rate to 131 for the year. A significant increase compared to 101 from last year.

Commissioner of Police (Ag.), Stephen Williams has expressed sadness at the passing of the 16 year veteran officer. In a statement from the police service he said that the search is still ongoing for the two suspects who shot Constable Benjamin while he was responding to a robbery.

If those tasked with protecting and serving the country are not able to protect themselves, it may call for a revaluation of the current policing policies. The death of officers on duty, the inability to find those suspected, coupled with an increasing murder rate is a serious problem that desperately needs a solution.

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