Police Veteran Shot In Head After Foiled Robbery

The danger that police officers face in Trinidad and Tobago on a daily basis is forever real.  With the murder rate for the year already at 129, that figure may have increased by one  yesterday evening as Constable Anson Benjamin, 45 , of the St. Madelne Police station lay warded at the San Fernando General Hospital in a critical condition. He was shot in the head while foiling an attempted robbery in San Fernando yesterday evening.

At around 8:30pm it was reported that Benjamin and a female officer were responding to a robbery at Chao Young Supermarket on Naparima Mayaro Road, St Clemens, Ste Madeline. When they entered the supermarket, reports say that the officers found two men inside the building who began firing shots at them. Benjamin, a veteran of 16 years in the police service, was shot in the head. The two men fled the scene on foot into the nearby bushes.

Constable Benjamin was rushed to the San Fernando General hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. A series of CT scans have found that a bullet is lodged at the base of his neck. He was put into a medically induced coma. Another surgery is planned.

Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service have searched for the two suspects with the assistance of a helicopter crew and members of the Canine Unit and the South Western and Central Division Task Forces. They have yet to be found.

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