LINX: No Limit For Purchases, Merchants May Lose POS Terminals

Picture this. You’re in line to purchase a nice pack of red mango. The cashier rings it up but you’re short the amount. No worries, you’ve got your LINX card on hand right? Wrong. You then get the message that your debit card will only be accepted is the transaction is $20 or more. For some that is no scene, but for others in these tough economic times, that extra dollar is worth a lot more. LINX has issued a statement this weekend that can put an end to such situations, but at what expense?

The debit card service provider made it known that any merchant that refuses to accept a LINX transaction due to an imposed “minimum amount” can have their Point Of Sale Terminal (POS), removed from them. LINX mentioned that there is no minimum limit for purchases with their POS service. They have advised customers to report the business names and locations of merchants that have implemented such policies.

The statement has gotten positive feedback from customers who have been quick to call out businesses that they claim have been in breach of LINX’s policy. “Very nice I glad for this info since they does force me to pick up extra stuff because they say the minimum is $25 sometime $30 and up” said one dissatisfied customer on social media. However, some are off the opinion that it isn’t right for LINX to dictate to businesses how they can handle their affairs, taking to social media to voice their concerns.

“Businesses have the right to also set their own policies when transacting business. If it makes no financial sense to use a service below a certain level then a service provider (LINX) cannot dictate to their clients how they are to conduct their business, especially if the merchants are the ones being charged every which way at every opportunity.”

LINX has responded to such claims saying “that as much as a merchant has to manage its business and its profitability, to find a middle ground; Cash only for phone cards - accepted and fair. Cash only on sale items - accepted and fair. However, forcing a customer to spend above $20 or $50 to pay via LINX is unfair”

It remains to be seen the full ramifications of this decision, as some businesses continue to called out to potentially have their POS terminals revoked.

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