New Snapchat update brings cool new features

Snapchat users be prepared to be mind-blown when you install the new update to the app!
The development team over at SC headquarters rolled out a bunch of new updates on Tuesday that are sure to get you hooked… if you aren’t already!
Easily the most exciting new feature is one that will enhance your selfies.
With Lenses you will be able to take a selfie, then choose one of several face filters to bring your snap to life by distorting your face or adding animations and sound.
These filters, in true Snapchat style will be updated every 24 hours. However accessing can be a bit tricky!

Fear not though, Team Triniscene will break it down for you here:
1. Open your Snapchat app
2. Put your camera in selfie mode (i.e front facing camera must be in use) 
3. On your screen, press and hold down a finger on your face. This will prompt the lenses to activate and you will be able to scroll to which rad new lense you want to use.

Another cool feature is the Trophies section, which similar to foursquare will offer virtual rewards to users. Snapchat won't be sending you a notification when you receive a new trophy, but the small trophy icon on your home page will turn yellow when a new one has been gifted.

If you’re one of those users who wish they could replay that last snap from their crush, well you’re in luck! Users will now be allowed to replay more snaps, but it will cost you!
You can now purchase three replays for US $0.99 to use whenever you want, but don’t be a stalker! You can't replay the same snap over and over again.

Have fun with the new update Snappies! And if you haven’t started snapping yet well what are you waiting for? The ghost man is the man with the plan! 

Download the app here for iOS and here for Andriod devices. 


BTW scan this pic to follow Triniscene on Snapchat:

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