Washroom Chronicles: Secret Peep-show Leaves Women Fuming

That mirror looking back at you in the washroom? The one you are paranoid about because you always feel there is a camera behind it and someone spying on you? It turns out you may be absolutely correct!  According to reports, on the evening of March 11, 2016 at Brooklyn Bar it was detected that a man had been peeping and taking photographs of female patrons while they used the toilet. The bar, which houses a unisex washroom facility is separated by two stalls designated for men and woman accessible through a single entry point. This type of layout  aided the culprit to spy on females as he had access to a full frontal view. Vivid entertainment may have a new suppier of videos!

Many of us have taken a lime at Brooklyn Bar in the past and itis disappointing to know hat an incident of this nature took place there as it is a faily popular spot of the after-work variety.Therefore, that's a lot pf potential nakedness that could be out there in the ether, if this particular Peeping Tom was of that variety. Not to mention for his own personal use. Yuck...let's not even go there. However, this is just one incident that has made it into the public eye and the question arises: are there more peepers out there? 

Based on our research, the general profile of "peepers" (let's drop the Tom so as not to offend anyone named Thomas out there ) that intentionally try to see something sexual in a women’s private space are a lot more inclined to rape if the chance arises. The typical peeper is often times trying to sexually satisfy himself with his affinity toward voyeurism and have usually map out their plan of "attack", scouting a location and plotting an avenue for their escape. These individuals, primarily men, have lewd fantasies that are always being refined and increased. If the opportune time presents itself there is always the chance of the envelope being pushed further and further to get gratification.

Thankfully,in this particular instance the escape route was not as well planned as thought as although the perpetrator managed to escape from the adjoining stall after being noticed by two women, he did not cater on the entire bar deciding to join in the chase and accosting him. In the end, the Peeper actually turned himself over to police after receiving what would be known in the past as a "sound licking" or a "good cut-tail" from the patrons of the bar. How is that for unity in T&T?

Unfortunately, the police service seemed to undo all the good work of the mob by releasing "Tom" after saying they had nothing to charge him with. The good old law. Always seems to get in the way of justice being served. Reminds us of the present mayor of Port of Spain being in a scandal for capturing someone who attacked him. Huh? But that's a story for another time so we'll just focus on what the law says in this instance...

Under the Sexual Offences Act, Chapter 11:28 in the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago the man could not be charged because he did not utter sexually explicit statements to the young ladies, physically touch the young ladies or pleasure himself whilst looking at the young ladies in the stall.

Privacy must be placed upon a broader foundation and invasion of privacy against females should be treated with harsher penalties and charges should be laid upon these culprits that commit these acts against womenThe times they are a-changing indeed and the law would need to keep up with the times. Maybe the peeper might make the mistake of distributing his stuff online. Maybe then charges can be laid a la the Lendl Simmons case (yes we know that was civil as opposed to criminal, but it's still better than nothing)

There is no doubt that privacy is a fundamental human right and women should not be worrying about who’s looking at them when using a public bathroom stall.As technology evolves to smaller devices, making cameras easier to hide yet including additional tools and dimensions, it makes it effortless for these sick people to manoeuvre their equipment to satsify their dark desires. Many bars nowadays have unisex washrooms and the trend is expected to increase with the 'new' demand for gender neutral washrooms. This is a challenge for owners to balance when considering the increased opportunity for these incidents as a result. The problem however, must be addressed immediately to help protect patrons.

A piece of advice to the ladies is the neverending demand to pay more attention to your surroundings.  If there's something new in a changing room or if there is something new in a washroom that you haven't seen before or you haven't noticed, bring that to the attention of the people who own the business. These women did and it turns out that their alertness did us all a favour in terms of combating the threat of the "Peeping Tom".


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