60ft Sink Hole Opens Up In San Fernando

It was a scene some would say belonged in that of a movie, as a 60ft sink hole opened up at the Carib Street Complex of the San Fernando City Corporation on Saturday afternoon.

It was reported that workers on the compound noticed a parked vehicle shaking unexpectedly. When they moved the vehicle, the roadway beneath it collapsed and large sinkhole appeared. City Mayor, Kazim Hoesein, says that the hole was most likely an old water well dating back to the early 1800's

Mayor Hoesein added that no persons or property were injured in the opening of the hole and that experts were being called in to assess the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings.

In a statement issued to the public, the office of the Mayor says that "It would be premature and irresponsible to comment on the causes of the sinkhole before the Engineering Department completes its investigation.  Only a detailed investigation can really answer that question and the Corporation is making this a priority"

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