Caribbean Tsunami Warning System To Be Tested

The Caribbean will be the testing ground of a Tsunami Early Warning System called Caribe Wave 16', on Thursday. The exercise will test for weaknesses in the warning system which was established in the region in 2005 by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation  (IOC-UNESCO)

Two scenarios will be tested. These include a major earthquake off the coast of Venezuela as well s one off the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Nearly 70,000 people will be involved in the Caribe Wave 16 exercise which will test the preparedness of many countries in the region on the evacuation of their coastal areas and forecasting technology.

Tsunamis are caused by activities such as earthquakes, landslides and volcanic activity. In the Caribbean alone there have been 75 Tsunamis in the past 500 years, 10% of the world total for the same time period.

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