Woman, 25, stabbed to death in alleged murder suicide.

A twenty five year old woman from Santa Cruz, Trinidad became the 97th murder victim in the country for the year when she was stabbed to death by her estranged lover right before he unsuccessfully tried to take his own life. According to police reports, around 2 pm on Saturday, Gabriella Francis, of Munroe Road, La Canoa Road, Santa Cruz, visited the 33-year-old suspect’s home at Penguin Crescent, Maloney Gardens, Arouca. 

The suspect’s mother told police that she left Francis and her son at home and went out and when she returned, she found them lying in his room covered in blood. 

Police were contacted, and Francis, who had multiple stab wounds to her chest and abdomen was pronounced dead on the scene, while the suspect, whose wrists were slit was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre, Mt Hope where he’s being warded in critical condition under police guard. 

Now, we don’t know what was going on in that relationship so we can’t really jump to any conclusions about the motives for the murder suicide but here’s what we do know.

According to the Guardian even though Francis was in a relationship with the suspect for more than six months she was in a common law relationship with another man and on the day she was murdered, she told her common law husband Nicholas Perez that she was going to work.

This is what he said in a brief interview at the couple’s apartment

“She left her five-year-old daughter with me when she went to work yesterday. I was shocked when I get the call to come and identify her body in Maloney,” 

Perez said that her relatives took custody of the child on Saturday night and the child had not been informed of her mother’s death, up to late yesterday. “She is a bright girl, but we don’t know how she will take the news,” Perez said. 

The motive behind the killing has yet to be determined and let’s not jump to any rash conclusions about Gabriella and the kind of person she was. I think it’s only fair that we let her rest in peace.

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