Stigmata: Is 10-year-old Oropouche girl getting the wounds of Christ?

A mother from Oropouche is seeking answers to a strange phenomenon that has been plaguing her 10-year-old daughter Ghinelle Manrique. At first glance she may simply look like a ten year old girl who went a bit too hard on the skip rope and got got a couple bruises ---- but if you look a bit closer at the bruises you realize that they correlate to the positioning of the bruises that were inflicted upon Jesus when he was on the cross. And it’s this coincidence that has everyone freaking out.

A bunch of people are now calling what’s happening to Ghinelle some kind of sign of God for the nation. That we should all repent and pray for the nation because the end is near.

And that’s great --- that’s lovely. Trinidad and Tobago can use all the prayers that we can get but mysticism can only exist when there is no reasonable explanation.

So we did some research, meaning we went to google and typed the words “oozing blood from skin”. The first thing that came up is the word "Hematidrosis" which is basically a human condition where a human sweats blood from time to time. Blood usually oozes from areas such as the forehead, the nails and the surface membranes in your nose and eyes. This means that you would get nose bleeds and you would cry tears and blood will ooze from your forehead.

Obviously we could be wrong and this doesn't really explain why the blood would be appearing only where Christ was injured (well and the nose and eyes). Plus, Google and Wikipedia are proven to be wrong from time to time so maybe this is really some form of stigmata. What it is though, is the beauty of human ignorance. Som events cannot be explained with one hundred percent certainty and there is a kind of joy that comes with having that doubt and thus being able to create our own explanations as to why things occur.There’s just some things man is just really not meant to know.

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