AKIMBO presents the works of local artist and master sculptor, Joseph Bacchus, on Saturday, March 19th, from 7:00pm – 9:30pm, at 37C Pro-Queen Street, Arima. AKIMBO is an independent concept store and creative hub, showcasing Caribbean fashion and accessory designers, artists, and organic lifestyle products, located in the Borough of Arima. 

For Mr. Bacchus, wood carving has been a lifelong calling. His evocation and finely detailed hand carvings embody both the Caribbean’s ancestral African roots and contemporary symbolism of the environment. “I have always felt inspired by a divine presence, and sees the purpose of my work as a contribution to the art community.” says Mr. Bacchus.

His collection is a broad and varied range of wooden sculptures, which truly embodies the African-Caribbean culture. His wooden carved pieces features details both abstract and realistic, portraying people, objects, and designs significant to African-Caribbean culture and traditions. Most of the wood he uses are native to Tobago including red and white cedar, mahogany, and cypress.

Bacchus, who is self-taught, is originally from Siparia, Trinidad, has been residing in Tobago for more than 10 years. In 2011, Bacchus’ work was featured as a part of a four month exhibition titled Mudcloth Madness at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California, and was the subject of an episode for the Rob on the Road television program in the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), America’s largest public media enterprise. In 2011 Bacchus’ work was also featured on the cover of N Magazine in Sacramento, California, as well as in the Trinidad & Tobago National Museum and Art Gallery exhibit Tobago Exposed.

For more information contact islandfamilytt@gmail.com. 

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