Get Into Rugby!

The resurgence of the sport continues...and females seem to love it! 

The Trinidad and Tobago Rugby union presents its first annual International Women’s Day Rugby Festival at the Queens Park Savannah Opposite the Botanical Gardens, on 13th March 2016. Activities are set to commence 10am sharp.

The Get into Rugby try Phase is a series of small non-contact games designed to help total beginners learn how to play the sport. Rugby is an evasion game where players try to avoid contact and find space to run. Because of the Law that the ball has to be passed backwards, the ball carrier has to run forward with the ball.

This is the basic principle on which the game is founded. Tag rugby is an easier way to understand the principles of the game and allows players to enjoy the Rugby and progress in a safe and enjoyable environment.

There is also a Spirit of the Game component included this weekend to encourage the  five fundamental values to the sport:  Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Passion, Discipline.  These include Each Team comes up with a cheer to begin match, shaking of hands at the start of the game and the vanquished team forming a”tunnel” to congratulate the victors with a “hip hip hooray”

These values of rugby turn the sport into a lifestyle for many of the participants at it inculcated in their everyday activities. The first national women’s team including  names such as Simone Andrews-Nero, Christine Jardine, Lisa Williams faced Venezuela in 2001 at the St. Ann's Grounds. Since then the team under former player, Andrews-Nero, has progressed to be the number one ranked team in the Caribbean in all forms of the ladies’ game. T&T Rugby Football Union (T&TRFU) president Leslie Figaro said he was quite pleased with the ladies performances at the game thus far.

Twenty teams are expected to participate in this year event. So come out and show your support. Rugby clinic, meet and greet national players are just some of the activities carded for that day, food and drinks will be also on sale.

For further information contact and 392-4948.

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