New Music From Preedy

“Every creed and race find an equal place. These are the words this great nation was founded on. After seeing Facebook comments it dawned on me that if we continue in this racial divide our country will continue to remain in its Third World status and never move forward. We have to move forward!”

Powerful comments by Akeem “Preedy” Chance as he discussed his latest song “Nation of Love” to be released on Monday 14th September, 2015.

Post the Trinidad and Tobago General Elections which were recently held on September 07, 2015, sadly, there has been a surge of racist comments which have exploded on social media namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “In light of all the race issues suddenly arising, this tune needed to be shared.” he said. “We are a small island, full of love, why the need for this negativity?”

“Nation of Love” focuses on the positivity of our small Caribbean islands, the remembrance of our rich cultural history and the need to work together in order to achieve unity in our country which was once known as a “Little Paradise”. “Tell everyone we moving as a nation of love under the sun…” are just some of the lyrics from the song written by Preedy, produced by Anson Soverall along with Kasey Phillip in close collaboration with Team Rosa, WeMad Producions and Precision Productions.

Its groovy beat coupled with Preedy’s sweet, soothing voice you can’t help but feel, embrace and appreciate its message. “Racism and none of these things matter when we’re gone, why should they matter now?” he asked with a look of deep concern.  “We are here to spread positivity through music. That’s our goal.”

“Nation of Love” is set to be released September 14th on the airwaves and a teaser video will premiere later on today. Stay tuned for further updates.

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