POS Mayor Tim Kee Resigns

Besieged Mayor of Port of Spain (POS), Raymond Tim Kee, has resigned as mayor as well as an an alderman of the Port of Spain City Corporation.

For the past week, Tim Kee has been under fire for his controversial statements regarding the death of Japanese national Asami Nagakiya. Activist groups such as WOMANTRA and other protesters have been petitioning for the his resignation from office. 

On the weekend Tim Kee announced that he was going to tender his resignation on Monday, after a council meeting, however he did not, promising to do so today. In that time demonstrations had taken place outside of City Hall in a show of support for Mayor Tim Kee and against his dismissal.

In light of following through with his resignation today, Tim Kee has said that he did not resign on Monday due to him wanting to say goodbye to his friends and colleagues at the POS City Corporation.

A formal statement with regards to the resignation is to follow

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