Ian Alleyne Arrested in Central

Crime Watch television host, Ian Alleyne has been arrested by police at the home of a Chaguanas business man at around 11 am this morning, in Orchard Gardens.

Officers of the central division were in the process of taking into custody a central business man, presumably of Sheron’s Auto, who was surrendering to the police over claims of domestic violence. It was reported that Alleyne was attempting to enter the premises when he was barred by the police. A confrontation is said to have ensued with Alleyne using obscene language at the officers and pointing his hand at one of the officers.

The Crime watch host is reported to have been detained by the officers after a struggle took place with Sergeant Alexander. He remains in police custody.

Meanwhile the Chaguanas businessman was surrendering to police days after a woman posted photographs on social media, claiming that the man had been abusing her for 12 years and that she wanted out of the relationship

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