Opposition: POS Mayor must resign; PM: Tim Kee Stays

Despite numerous calls by the entire nation on social media including an online petition for Port of Spain Mayor, Raymond Tim Kee to step down from his post, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has stated that Tim Kee's unfortunate comments following the death of Japanese pannist, Asami Nagakia whose body was found at the Queen's Park Savannah, warrants his removal from office. 

Dr. Rowley was speaking with reporters in his constituency yesterday (Feb 11th). Tim Kee, when question on the finding of a female body at the Savannah responded in a way which suggested that her death was somehow tied to being unaware and exposed, as a foreigner, to the 'vulgarity and lewdness' attached to the Culture of Carnival. He also suggested that women are responsible for their own conduct questioning, leading up to her death, 'was there any evidence of resistance or did alcohol control and involuntary actions were engaged in.'

Mayor Tim Kee since attempted to issue an apology which some say was more like a 'rant' and defense of his words which he said were misinterpreted. 

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar have openly called for Mayor Tim Kee's removal stating that  “It is unbelievable that in a twenty-first century society, the Mayor of the capital city can utter such outrageous and misogynistic statements about the death of a talented young woman, given that the facts are not yet known. You do not even know the young lady yet you are making incredulous assumptions. If these reports are true Mayor Tim Kee must immediately be dismissed from office as he has demonstrated a lack of sensitivity as well as the progressive intellectual capacity to hold a position of leadership.”

According to media reports Mayor Tim Kee did not even offer condolences on the death of Ms. Nagakiya and proceeded to offered scandalous speculation in relation to the possible circumstances surrounding her death. 

Meanwhile the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) strongly condemned Mayor Tim Kee's comments. ILP Leader, Rekha Ramjit said "We believe Mayor Tim Kee should heed the groundswell of public calls for his resignation. There is no excuse for violence against any person and victims must never be blamed for the actions of persons who violate them."

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