PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars hold Vigil For Asami

Jean Campbell of PCS Nitrogen described last night's (Feb 11th) prayer vigil as a 'sad evening' noting that 'Asami was a house hold name among the steel bands and she would be surely missed.' 

Campbell, speaking with C News Ian Wason recalled seeing Asami's 'signature smile' each time she entered the pan yard. Noting that the steel band is a big deal in Japan, she explained that five years ago their leader, Edwin Pouchet invited Asami to play here in Trinidad and she has played every year ever since. 

Campbell also touched on the closeness of the Silver Stars not only as a band but as a family and Asami was very much part of that family. 

On Ash Wednesday ( Feb 10th) the body of Japanese pannist, Asami Nagakia was found at the Queen's Park Savannah still clad in her yellow Carnival costume. An autopsy has since  revealed that she was strangled..Today, the steel- band side is also inviting the public to a peaceful walk from the panyyard to the tree where her body was discovered. All are asked to wear a pan t-shirt to represent the love that Asami had for our national instrument.

Investigations are continuing with unconfirmed reports indicating a suspect is now in custody for further questioning.

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