Sammy Signs Contract

In a fifth and possibly final letter by Darren Sammy to the West Indies Cricket Board(WICB), the team has apparently taken the "high road" and acceded to the request of the WICB to agree to the contracts put before them before February 14th. This averts the threat of the West Indies being represented by an under-strength team at the ICC World T20 Championships.

Sammy, acting as spokesperson for the team, similar to the role Dwayne Bravo played in the now infamous aborted tour of India in 2014, initially expressed the dissatisfaction of the terms and conditions of the contracts the players were required to adhere to for the championships. Sammy spoke of as much as an 80% cut in renumeration. However, the players have now agreed to continue in the hope that the WICB will accept that the matter go to mediation in the meantime.

The main bone of contention between the two parties seem to be the role that the West Indies Players Association plays. The WICB says they are unwilling to negotiate with any other party or individual players and only with WIPA, while the present team, 14 of whom are no longer members of WIPA have indicated that WIPA is not fit to represent their interests.

You can view the entire contents of Sammy's letter below and draw your own conclusions on who is in the right on this occasion.

"Dear Sir,

As captain of the WT20 team, I wish that we can settle this matter and focus on preparations for the tournament.

I want to state on behalf of the players that we want to play and will represent the West Indies to the best of our abilities.

The embarrassment and fiasco of the Indian Tour which was called off by the Board must not be allowed to happen. However, it is the arrogance and high-handedness of the Board which cause these problems.

You cannot continue (to) force players to be represented by a body that they are not members of and do not want to represent them. You cannot continue to be unfair and unreasonable.

Issues like this will continue to plague West Indies cricket unless you have an MOU and arrangements for non-WIPA players are fair and just.

We are aware that, win or lose, this may well be the last tournament for most of us as reprisals will set in but we will speak out for what is fair. We are players and we know that unless radical changes take place, players will always have the grievance of which we complain.

We simply find it bizarre that the Board does not know how much it will receive from the ICC for the tournament! How you receive the value may be spread over time but you surely should know what the income is.

Notwithstanding the above, we ask that you consider our request to double the match fees, share 50% of sponsorship fees and award 100% of prize money to the players.

If you don’t agree to the above, would you consider that this matter goes to mediation for a settlement.

We believe that the above options are fair and reasonable. We have compromised on our earlier request that original formula be used.

We trust that the Board will also be willing to compromise.


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