Traditional Mas Showcased on National Geo's Travel

While the Mayor frets on the "vulgarity" and "lewdness" present in Carnival and the 
King of Carnival voices his opinion on what is or is not mas, outside of the country, others are taking an interest in the self-proclaimed " Greatest Show on Earth".

Traditional Mas in the face of the hugely popular 'decorated bikinis' may have lost some appreciation over time and have become somewhat less popular to the vast number of swimsuit revelers, which can be debated, but thankfully some light was shun on the true art form, story telling and culture that is in Trinidad and Tobago's Traditional Mas.

National Geographic Travel showcased T&T's Carnival to its 8.2 million Instagram followers, showing the world something with more 'soul' if you will, something very different from mere bikinis and glitter.

A picture of a couple of good old fashioned blue devils was paired with a lengthy caption even some of us Trinbagonians can learn something we never knew before.

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