Tim Kee Under Fire

Social media is afire with calls for Port-Of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee to resign after comments linking the discovery of a female masquerader with "lewdness" and "vulgarity" in carnival. The specific statement that has caused the most umbrage was Tim Kee's desire for women[to] have a responsibility to ensure they are not abused during the Carnival season.

This statement, described as victim shaming in rape culture has raised the ire of many with Mayor Tim Kee now the most trending topic in T&T currently. The statements have even made regional headlines with the expectation that the mayor's words will soon expose T&T carnival to further international negative headlines.

One hope that the mayor, whose wife frequently participates in the carnival celebrations and is and entertainer and is also the father of a daughter, would definitely have had to put the foot down in his own house to ensure that his family does not "encourage" unwanted advances during the season as they should not expect any sympathy from the man of the house in those circumstances.

Many wonder if the Prime Minister is listening to the voice of the people as this topic continues to gain momentum with a petition now created at change.org for the removal of Tim Kee as mayor immediately. https://www.change.org/p/trinidad-and-tobago-a-national-call-for-raymond-tim-kee-to-resign-as-mayor

Tim Kee has been in the headlines recently for several controversies during his tenure as the President of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association, removal of vendors from downtown Port-Of-Spain as well as permitting parking to return to the Nelson Mandela Park during the carnival season

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