No Draft for Pollard

The Caribbean Premier League draft takes place today in Barbados and reports have emerged that the host nation's, Barbados Tridents captain will not be allowed to witness the draft which starts at 11AM local time.

International T20 star, Keiron Pollard, will not be allowed to represent the Tridents at the draft it has been reported, based on requests from "high ranking" West Indies Cricket Board Officials. "High Ranking" WICB officials were also referred to by Coach Phillip Simmons when complaining about interference in the selection process and specifically Dwayne Bravo and Keiron Pollard not being availabe for selection in the One Day team.

Pollard successfully captained the Barbados franchise to victory in the 2014 edition and to the final in the 2015 edition earning him "honorary" Barbadian status and the right to visit anywhere on the island. The Tridents, similarly to the Trindadian franchise, is now owned by an Indian businessman in the form of Dr. Vijay Mallya. Pollard was expected to be present to provide strategic advice at the draft for the new owner who may be unfamilar with the process and the players available.

Dwayne Bravo's abiity to attend the draft has not been brought into question as he is currently in Pakistan and had no intention to intend. Thus, it is unclear if this debarring of Pollard is related to the fact that neither he nor Bravo have been rumoured to not be availabe for selection outsude of West Indies T20 team because of non-cricketing reasons. 

The West Indies Cricket Board has denied these allegations. 


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