Our Children are Under Siege

The 31 year old boyfriend of a woman is running from police after a video surfaced of him forcing her five year old daughter to perform oral sex on him.

According to reports the unnamed  suspect, who is said to be a security guard from Princes Town, was at his girlfriend’s home in Rio Claro on Sunday (Jan 31st) when he fled the scene after she confronted him about the video. He has been running from the police since then.

Officers of the Cyber Crimes Unit and the Child Protection Unit examined the photos and videos obtained from the man’s cell phone showing the child engaged in sex acts.

An medical examination performed on the child however showed that there was thankfully no penetration.

Meanwhile Deputy Police Commissioner Harold Phillip assured that such acts will be punished within the full extent of the law.

He explained that in addition to the TTPS and the Child Protection Unit who will investigate these matters, the TTPS is also liaising with the Ministry of Social Development in an effort to provide social assistance and support for these cases.


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