All leave has been cancelled for police officers

In the lead up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday (Feb 8th & 9th), all 71 events that officers have worked at have been 'incident free' according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Harold Phillip who was speaking  during a news conference in Port of Spain yesterday morning (Feb 3rd). 

Some might see that as progress in the face of 48 reported homicides in 34 days. 
Meanwhile the T&T Defence Force Soldiers will lend a hand to some six thousand police officers who will be deployed nationwide as Carnival Monday and Tuesday is practically upon us. 

Deputy Commissioner Phillip seemed keen on keeping the police's incident free record and noted that "all leave has been cancelled for police officers" in a bid to have the backing of the full solid force. 

"The focus will be preventing opportunities for disruptive behavior and crime as well as controlling traffic congestion. Officers will be highly visible during the celebrations and will also monitor residential areas, businesses and coastlines." 

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