Children's Authority: "Ensure Children's Safety For Carnival"

While we 'jump and wave' or maybe head off to the beach, perhaps even take a family trip, safety especially for the little ones should always be a main factor. The Children's Authority, in a release, sought to advise parents and guardians to be mindful of children's safety over the Carnival period during whatever activities you may have planned.

“Parents and guardians are reminded to observe the following:
* “Ensure children are supervised at all times by a trusted adult.”
* “Children should not be left in the care of strangers.”
* “Older children should not be given the responsibility to supervise younger ones.”
* “Provide children with identification cards bearing their name, name of parent/guardian, address and telephone number (this should be placed on their person, e.g. pocket, pinned under shirt).”
* “Advise children to speak to a person in uniform in the event they get lost, e.g. Police, Army or Fire Officer.”
* “Children should not be taken to fetes, calypso tents, adult mas bands or any other adult shows.”
* “Children should not be served alcoholic beverages and event organisers or bartenders should request identification from patrons if they are unsure of their age.”
* “For children who are attending camps, parents and guardians are urged to get familiar with camp supervisors and request the itinerary of events.”
* “Children should not be left unattended and locked in cars.”
* “Monitor children at all times when at the beach or by the river. Never allow a child to go into the water alone.”
* "Take a digital picture of your child that in the event he/she gets lost you can show a current picture”
"The Authority is again reminding the public that child protection is everyone’s business and all incidents of abuse should be reported to the Police or to our 24 hour hotlines at 996 or 800-2014.”

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