UNC Patriots want Kamla out

The United National Congress (UNC) Patriots is demanding that the political leader of the UNC, Kamla Persad-Bissessar resign.


In a release, the UNC Patriots said Persad-Bissessar should “step aside and allow another Member of Parliament to become leader of the Opposition”, stating that she “no longer has the capacity to move us forward to victory.” 

The request comes two days after the UNC lost the 2015 General Election to the now ruling People's National Movement (PNM).

However, the UNC released a statement re-affirming its support for Persad-Bissessar as leader of the party.

See below for the full statement: 


"While Mrs. Kamla Persad Bissessar brought victory to the United National Congress since her ascension to the office of Political Leader of our great party on January 24, 2010, it has become abundantly clear that Mrs. Persad-Bissessar no longer has the capacity to move us forward to victory and we of the UNC Patriots believe that she should step aside and allow another Member of Parliament to become Leader of the Opposition and a date should be set forthwith for the election of a new Political Leader of the United National Congress.

It is noteworthy that Mrs. Persad-Bissessar did contribute in a significant way to the development of the party and the country but like her predecessor, the party’s founder Basdeo Panday, she is failing to realize that her time as leader has come and gone. With this lack of understanding, she is failing to put party first before self and given the fact that we will be facing the polls once again in ten months with the upcoming Local Government election, the party must prepare itself for resurgence and victory.

Although Mrs. Persad-Bissessar led us to victory on May 24, 2010 and July 26, 2010, since then she and the party under her has suffered five consecutive defeats at the polls- THA Election (January 21, 2013), Chaguanas West By-Election (July 29, 2013), Local Government Election (October 21, 2013), St. Joseph By-Election (November 4, 2013) and the General Election (September 7, 2015). 

It is noteworthy that from a high of 29 seats in the Lower House in May 2010, under Kamla Persad-Bissessar, we have suffered an eleven seat deficit in the 2015 General Election. It should also be pointed out that for whatever reason, no election for the post of Political Leader of the United National Congress was held while Mrs. Persad-Bissessar served as Prime Minister.

The time has come for us to gather our collective thoughts, shake off the defeat of the 2015 General Election and move forward with new leadership, ready, willing and able to prove to the people of Trinidad and Tobago that we can once again regain their trust and govern by the principles and beliefs of our great party.

Wednesday, 09 September 2015
UNC Patriots"

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