Traditional Mas, Pan & More Bands for Socadrome

More vibes. More bands. More fun. This is what Socadrome 2016 organizers are promising spectators who choose to view some of the biggest bands in Carnival, traditional mas, pan and soca at the Socadrome (Jean Pierre Complex, Port of Spain), this Carnival Tuesday. “Six bands are guaranteed to cross the Socadrome stage this year,” say organizers as Harts, The Lost Tribe and D’Krewe officially join the cast of the Socadrome Show which includes traditional mas, Roy Cape and more and will end by 4pm.

Promising cooler stands with unobstructed 180 degree views of the action on stage, Socadrome spectators will pay just $10 for adult admission with children being admitted free. Bouncy castles will be provided for children and patrons are welcomed to bring their coolers. No glass bottles allowed. “This is a low cost, safer alternative to viewing mas on the streets,” say organizers who noted that the Socadrome is growing as an attraction that has eased congestion that plagued Carnival for many years.


Other bands have also been encouraged to participate in the Socadrome by organizers with some other large bands indicating they too, time permitting would cross the stage. “We are hoping more bands will choose to offer their masqueraders the opportunity to experience the easy access and fast flow at the Socadrome,” say organizers. “What we are offering is an enhancement to the carnival road experience as masqueraders and spectators alike love the option of the Socadrome.”


Answering questions about feedback on the Socadrome, organizers state the feedback from masqueraders and spectators has been overwhelmingly positive. “We have a generation of masqueraders playing with our bands and from young to young at heart, everyone loves the option offered by the Socadrome,” say organizers who hail from Bliss, Tribe, Yuma and this year Socadrome newcomers Harts and the Lost Tribe. “The Socadrome garnered over 3,000 social media mentions in 2015, up from 800 in 2014 – most of which were extremely positive so we anticipate further positive feedback,” say organizers.

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