Ministers Combine Powers in Fight Against Crime

As part of the comprehensive overhaul and reorganization of the National Security and public safety effort, the Prime Minister who is also the Chairman of the National Security Council, has today advised His Excellency President Carmona to appoint Mrs Glenda Jennings Smith, Member of Parliament for Toco/Sangre Grande, as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of National Security. Mrs Jennings-Smith, a former Assistant Commissioner of Police with extensive training in the policing and social impact of the gang culture and police outreach programmes, will assist the Minister in these and similar programmes and the overall outreach activities of the uniformed services 

This move comes days after the sudden appointment of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dennis Moses, in the Ministry as well. In this case however, Mrs. Jennings-Smith has extensive background in the industry as compared to Mr. Moses with several sources having her tipped to be Minister of National Security originally when cabinet was first named. With three ministers now involved in the running of the ministry, is it a case of too many cooks in the mix leading to confusion in decision making and implementation, not to mention more bureaucracy or is it that the porfolio makes so many demands that this allows for greater efficiency?

Only time will tell the answer to that one, but one thing that cannot be said is that the Office of Prime Minister is not taking an interest in the operations of Ministry of National Security.

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