Mohammed to Youth: "Engage positive thinking"

In congratulating his fellow team members for retaining the Nagico Super50 regional crown Red Force Captain, Jason Mohammed also sought to reach out to the nation's youth especially during the recent spate in murders including the shooting death of two teens in school uniform. A candid Mohammed spoke about not excelling academically but found his way through sports. Showing his spiritual side, Mohammed said "I believe God bless everyone in their own way and I thought sport was my way." He encouraged young people to "engage positive thoughts and engage positive thinking" while welcoming the Government's move in terms of sport to try and "educate the nation's youth more and get them out of the violence." 

Noting that it hasn't been an easy journey and that hard work has a lot to do with his level of success in life, Mohammed, in hopes of touching the nation's young potential encouraged young people to "try and develop a dream, a goal and work towards it. Nothing is going to come easy but you have to choose the right path because doing the wrong thing is never going to work out, it may seem like the easy way out but you have to believe in yourself."

He encouraged young people talk to elderly people and persons who have been successful in life, adding  "there is no shame in going to these people when things are bad because we all go through tough times. Whenever you are in a difficult situation or you have a choice to make in life try and make the best possible one." 



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