Central Bank All Inclusive Fete 2016 Review

It was an evening of food, glorious food and drink that flowed with abundance as the Central Bank Sports and Cultural Club (CBSCC) hosted their Suite 16 Central Bank All Inclusive Fete on Saturday 23rd at the Eric Williams Plaza, Port of Spain.

As the theme suggests, this was the 16th showcasing of the event by the CBSCC and as always patrons were treated to a premium all inclusive experience.

Parking was easily available, with the National Insurance Property Development Company (NIPDEC) car park being utilised with easy to follow directions and security. The Eric Williams plaza was transformed into a spectacular venue, with the ground floor of the central bank compound being converted into a dining hall, home to a variety of delicacies from across the Caribbean.  Parts of St. Vincent Street was blocked off for the stage as well as including a strip that hosted many tents with enough food and drinks on- hand to satisfy the patrons that eagerly entered the area.

Wontons, tacos, shrimps, chicken salads, cheesecakes; if it could be fried, baked or grilled, it was on offer. The bars were grand and the drinks on-hand were top notch with there being a wine tent, vodka tent, drinks was clearly not an issue. There was even a cafe area for coffee and tea, a really sophisticated touch that highlighted the premium experience and made one know that this was indeed a ‘big people party’.

At 9pm, the DJs for the evening from the Artiste Team had done their jobs of working the crowd into a nice vibe. The artists that followed however, ‘really took the cake’. The first to hit the stage were the Roy Cape All Stars. Pappy, Blaxx, Ricardo Drue and company rang out the vintage tunes and their current hits that really let it hit home that it was ‘time to fete’.

Erphaan Alves, Farmer Nappy and Lyrikal, all graced the stage and entertained before Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons were next at their lyrical best.  Free styling and involving the crowd in their performance to maximum effect, the Viking Family along with GBM Nutron, took song requests and interacted heavily with a very enthusiastic crowd. The rhymes were real and the Asylum Family delivered well. Finally, Kes the Band closed things off, reminding everyone of their impact in the soca industry as they had the crowd jumping until the end.

The transition periods between artistes were a bit lengthy, however the Artiste Team kept the music flowing to good effect.

At around 3am, when the stage performances ended, the Central Bank patrons were treated to the beat of the Laventille Rhythm Section. Iron on iron, vibes with the drums, it was a fitting close to the entire occasion.

Central Bank All Inclusive 2016 was a premium affair experience that one felt from the moment they entered and retained throughout. It definitely lived up to its name on its ‘Suite 16’.

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