Lara in Winner's Row

Brian Lara is back in winnner's row after his team triumphed in TSTT's Annual Golf Invitational. Lara, playing on a team comprising former T&T cricketer Richard Smith, Clint Alfred and Joseph Rahael, won for the third year in a row overcoming teams that included high profile names such as Chief Justice Ivor Archie, Telecommunication Authority of T&T Chairman Selby Wilson and the Indian High Commissioner Gauri Shankar Gupta. His closest rivals were the team led by former AG Anthony Smart, including Bill Schultz, Gregory Bissesar and Robin Lewis.Lara, ever magnanmous, donated his winnings (a Samsung S6 Edge) to someone "who was truly in need".

Hosts TSTT were also in charitable form, partnering with HUAWEI to make a donation to the ARROW Programme (Aural, Read, Response, Oral, Write) which assists both children and adults with literacy learning challenges to improve through learning through self voice techniques.

Perhaps next year we will see Shiv Chanderpaul on Lara's team seeing that he himself just announced his retirement this week!

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