Kiss Prices Raise

The prices of delicacies that many have come to enjoy for years from the Kiss Baking company has officially increased this week. This is due to the new Value Added Tax changes brought forth by the Government.

The changes in price of desserts, breads and other specialty items was made known by the baking company in a notice that was sent to Supermarkets across the country. 

The notice stated that, "Recent legislation enacted in the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament has resulted in VAT being added to the prices of the Kiss Baking Company's range within the Dessert Cake Category, effective Monday February 1, 2016. In light of the above, we have adjusted the prices to ensure that the new prices are consumer friendly."

The new prices are as follows

Cheese Fillerz - $6.00

Choc-A-Lot - $3.50

Double Cup - $3.50

Healthy Balance Muffins - $4.50

Iced Double Cups - $4.00

Kiss Cinnamon Raisin Bread - $14.25

Kiss Lemon Loaf - $12.00

Muffins - $4.00

Oven Classic Marble Rye - $19.50

Raisin Buns - $3.00

Spicy Cheese Fillerz - $6.00

Strawberry Fillerz - $4.50

Vanilla/Chocolate Goodies - $1.75

Finance Minister, Colm Imbert, had announced on January 11th in parliament that a number of food items will now be subject to 12.5% in VAT.

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