Lara Emphasizes Committment to Local Sport

Local boxers, have expressed their sincerest gratitude to Brian Lara for conceptualizing Tuesday Night Boxing at the Castle. The threeweek event, held at Lara’s house, saw local Olympic hopefuls battle their regional counterparts from countries such as Guyana, St Lucia and the Dominican Republic. The event provided some much needed exposure for the boxers as it brought out a number of businessmen, politicians, athletes and sport enthusiasts, many of whom would have witnessed boxing and/or learned of some of the local boxers for the first time. The final night drew a crowd of over 400 people present. Lara re-emphasized his commitment to local sport in an emotional speech, sharing how he decided to get involved in boxing, while also thanking friends and sponsors for their support. “I walked in the stadium about a month ago and just walking around the stadium I saw some guys boxing. Being at that stadium on that day and experiencing looking at the youngsters and how hungry for success they were, I thought that this is the ideal opportunity to do something,” said Lara

Among the many standout boxers featured, Michael Alexander, whose speed and skill proved to be more than a bit challenging for his opponents, finished a crowd favourite and showed why he is widely described as one of the most talented boxers in T&T at the moment. The 22-year old lightweight fighter who is vying for an Olympic berth was outclassed just once in the three nights, going down to Boxer of the Series, welterweight, Aaron Prince. Prince is also hoping to seal an Olympic spot. Alexander thanked Lara for the opportunity, while sharing that the bouts have given him some confidence ahead of Olympic qualifiers. “It’s a good start towards preparation with Mr. Lara offering to throw the boxing at his house. I am very thankful for that and the fact that he brought down other countries,” said Alexander. “It was very good sparring and preparation for the Olympic qualifiers. I am looking forward to more training and better performances.” Asked if he believed he would be heading to Rio, Alexander responded with a quick and confident “Yes”. Prince in contrast, was a bit more reserved in describing his performance. While stating that he is confident of qualifying, he described the bouts as more of a measuring stick to determine where he was in terms of readiness for the upcoming qualifiers.

Lara also took the time to thank his sponsors Blink|Bmobile and the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago for making the effort a possibility.


Photo: Michael Alexander and Candice Campbell, TSTT Chief Marketing Officer

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