Carnival Crime 'Round the Savannah

Some folks seemed to have lost more than those extra pounds while at the Queen's Park Savannah, following reports of robberies and break-ins. At this time of year the Savannah is packed with people trying to shed the extra 'ham and grog' they may have put on during the Christmas season to fit into their 'barely there' Carnival costumes. Cars are usually parked all round. It can be said that the setting is attractive to the criminal element, following reports that vehicles had their glasses smashed and broken into. There are also reports of attempted robberies. Security firm, Shield Security has issued a warning to persons wishing to park around the Savannah not to leave bags, purses and electronic devices such as laptops and tablets in their vehicle as these items attract 'sticky fingers.'

Persons are encouraged to park in lit areas and not to jog with flashy jewelry and to refrain from wearing headphones playing loud music as this poses as a disadvantage because you are significantly less aware of your surroundings. Walk in groups and keep items in the trunk of your vehicle. Be vigilant and cautious when coming out and returning to your vehicle. 
Thankfully, two men have since been held by police.

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