In 'Hard Times' $90 Mil To Refurbish Lara Stadium

It seems to make more sense on some level, to invest $90 million tax paying dollars to refurbish the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba than to perhaps focus on something more urgent, like a hospital maybe because you know we already have so many of those. 

What is priority?! Citizens are being told to 'tighten your belt', 'watch your salt intake', 'eat healthier' because of ‘recession’, while millions are being spent on everything else but for the benefit of the people. 

How are the people of this country to benefit from purchasing millions in paintings? How are people in this country going the benefit from another stadium? You can't eat paintings. Another stadium can't help cure the sick. What is priority?! I said it before, it can easily be received that 'bad mind' and 'spite' seems to be more important than the healthcare and well being of the people in this country. Is not a hospital more important than a stadium, even if a previous administration built the hospital? 

And now we have a stadium which was surrounded by corruption allegations under the former executive chairman of the Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT), Calder Hart, which happened under PNM rule when Patrick Manning was in power. Now who are these nameless 'small contractors' being recruited to carry out the refurbishment works? Where is the transparency?

When will the 'politricks' end and real leaders rise up and honestly seek the interest of the citizenry?

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