Women Be Wary Of The Men You Bring Around Your Children

Too often we hear of these horrid acts of sexual abuse being done to toddlers. Thankfully, there is some law under the Children's Act to protect the nation's children, but what about in the home? 
Are we doing our part as parents and caregivers to protect our children or are we solely depend on Government and society? 

Too often children are born into broken homes and instability. Who suffers then, not the child? Women if you are not prepared to give what is needed to preserve a life, please, please use contraception at all times. Do not depend on the man for that.

Women who have children, especially little girls be careful the men you bring around them. Single mothers need to understand that being a mother is your number one role and you are responsible for your children. Too many women invite 'monsters' into their children's lives blinded by companionship and the comfort of having a man in their life.

 A 20 year old man is now in police custody after he allegedly sexually assaulted his 23 year old girlfriend's, 14 month old baby girl. The child's grandmother was giving her a bath when she noticed bruising and other injuries around the toddler’s vagina on Sunday (Jan 17th). 

An examination at the Rio Claro District Hospital confirmed that the bruising was caused by a force used to enter the child's vagina. 

The male suspect and the child's mother reportedly got into a physical altercation about the incident earlier in the day. 

Who can forget little Amy Annamunthodo, the little four year old girl who had been raped, sodomised, beaten, suffocated and killed at her home at Union Park, Marabella, at the hands of her 19 year old mother's boyfriend.

Or what about six-year-old Keyana Cumberbatch found dead stuffed in a barrel inside her home in Maloney Gardens. She was sexually assaulted after being struck unconscious by a male relative. The list goes on. Mothers protect your children. Neighbours and relatives are each other's keeper. 

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