Minister Smith to Re-Open and Upgrade Youth Facility


The Chatham Youth Development & Apprenticeship Centre is one of two youth-serving institutions that Minister of Sport & Youth Affairs Darryl Smith is keen to revive. On a recent tour of the sprawling 375-acre facility in the South West peninsula, Minister Smith along with his Permanent Secretary Joan Mendez and other Ministry officials explored the tremendous potential of the facility to serve a wider population of youth.

 Currently the Chatham Centre accommodates 180 young men between the ages of 12 and 17 for a two-year residential program of vocational training in auto mechanics, carpentry, electrical installation, masonry, plumbing, computer repairs, welding and farming. The Minister and his team were given an overview of Centre's operational needs with a view to improving its functionality and service to the vulnerable youth in their care.

Minister Smith also shared his vision for Chatham to be a model for the sustainable integration of the sport and youth portfolios through the upgrade the facility to include recreational spaces such as a swimming pool, gymnasium, cricket nets, tennis court and running track. The objective here is to provide the trainees, as well as schools and teams from the neighbouring communities of Cedros and Point Fortin, with suitable amenities for physical activity and sport, thereby enhancing the range of services that can be provided by the facility

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