Praise for Triniscene from COTT Limited is being praised by the Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) for its latest move: COTT licenses Triniscene for Digital Broadcast. 

Triniscene has entered into an online music licensing agreement with COTT. Executive Chairman and Former Mayor, Louis Lee Sing said that would be putting forward thought provoking discourse through Triniscene Access (TS Access.)

The 15 year old company is about to evolve into an exciting new presence in the country.
The discourse, Lee Sing said, includes hard news and sport while maintaining its position in the entertainment industry.

COTT says it’s also focussed on new revenue streams for its members and sees the agreement with as a step in that direction. CEO of COTT, Josh Rudder expressed his elation about the new relationship with Triniscene.

“The management of Limited must be applauded for their investment in the music industry by valuing intellectual property rights and their forward thinking approach as a digital service provider,” Rudder said.

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