'Politricks' Over Citizen's Healthcare?

Do you think it's just 'bad mind' that Government refuses to utilize the Couva Children's Hospital just because the previous Government built it? And is it right that a Government's ego and the politics of it all should stand in the way of thousands of citizens of this country benefiting from a facility that can address issues such as overcrowding at hospitals for starters? Should tax paying citizens be made to suffer such selfishness, such,dare I say, evil? 

Just last week two new Wards were opened at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in an effort to address overcrowding. Wouldn't it make sense to utilize the Couva Children's hospital to aid in the issue of overcrowding at hospitals nationwide? 

Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar has called on Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh to open the Couva Children's Hospital. In a release she said that Deyalsingh and the Government have been spreading misinformation about the hospital and is calling on the current administration to make known their plans to address overcrowding of the nation's hospitals. 

According to Persad-Bissessar “the fully equipped Children’s hospital remains unopened only because Deyalsingh and the Rowley administration lack the ability to administer the health services and create the jobs needed to staff the hospital. Instead they have found every irrational reason to justify their inaction while overcrowding, lack of necessary medicines and frustration have become principal features of our hospital system.”

The former PM is adamant that the Couva Children’s Hospital is fully equipped and ready for use.  
Persad-Bissessar said that Minister Deyalsingh did not paint an honest picture when he stated that a staff of roughly two thousand is required for the hospital. 

She said Deyalsingh failed to tell citizens that a significant number of personnel are for maintenance and administration, and that there are already the required number of trained staff and personnel to make the Couva Children's Hospital fully functional.

According to Persad-Bissessar, there are a number of medical graduates and trainees readily available to work at the hospital.

And although Government has said that the Couva Children's Hospital will be utilized and tax payers money will not go down the drain, the Opposition Leader is calling on the Health Minister to make his plans for the Children’s Hospital clear. 

Now while our leaders play 'politics', we on the ground never know for sure who telling untruths, who stealing, who being underhand. Sadly issues remain, while our leaders play 'who can lie better.' 

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