Calypso Tents gets $100 000 Donation

Blink|BMobile continues to lead the way in supporting the Arts and Culture as the communications giant donated $100 000 to five calypso tents in order to assist in staging of this year’s Calypso shows. Blink|Bmobile is also one of the premier sponsors of Panorama 2016 as well as several Carnival Bands proving that their commitment extends to all forms of the local culture, even while other companies are tightening their belt due to the economic climate.

Those receiving assistance are: Icons, National Action Cultural Committee (NACC), Divas Tent, Calypso Revue and TUCO  Junior Calypso Monarch Committee. .” Gervon Abraham, Manager External Relations and Government Affairs, TSTT, who presented the cheques to the recipients said the gesture was in keeping with the Company’s vision to support and help develop local culture. Abraham said Blink | Bmobile has always taken its corporate social responsibility seriously and remains committed to assisting when necessary. “We recognize that calypso is indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago and we see the need to do what we can to help promote our culture. It’s also important for us to ensure that the people who work assiduously behind the scenes are supported.” 3 He added, “Despite the financial difficulties which is affecting us all, Bblink | Bmobile continues to take our corporate social responsibility seriously and we remain committed to doing our part to preserve the artfrom.”

Calypsonian Short Pants, representing the Icons Calypso Tent, along with Ife Alleyne of the NACC challenged other corporate bodies to follow the example of Blink|Bmobile and recognise “the importance of calypso within the cultural landscape” and embrace “their responsibility not only to the industry but to the society as a whole to preserve what is ours”. 

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