Twenty Vie to be Calypso Queen

In it's 32nd national finals, the National Calypso Queen Competition is one to look forward to. Never your typical 'wine an jam' session but songs with meaning behind the words and spirit behind the melody. Calypso is a genre we cannot let die off no matter what new version comes along. It is the foundation of the genre on our twin island, the true expression of our people,- 'by calypso, our stories are told'. The names of the songs alone will show you that. 

Twenty women will be vying for the prestigious title according to the National Women Action Committee (NWAC). Here they are in order of appearance:-

1. Allison Bernard (Warrior Empress)     Black & Ready

2. Tricia Sobers                                   The Blood that Speaks

3. Marion Paponette                             Save Them

4. Roslyn Reid                                     Its All Because of You

5. Wendy Garrick                                 For We To Overcome

6. Terri Lyons                                      Culture Army

7. Giselle Fraser-Washington                Unbreakable Trinbago

8. Marsha Clifton (Lady Adana)             A Murder a Day

9. Sasha-Ann Moses                           A Matter of Trust

10. Amrika Mutroo                               All Lives matter

11. Morisha Ransome                          Shoulda Invest Time

12. Meguella Simon                             Education vs Schooling

13. Mahalia Regis                                Too Much ah race Talk

14. Natasha Nurse (Sexy Suzie)           The Results are In

15. Tammico Moore (Spicey)                D' Champion

16. Rachael Fortune (Shanaqua)            Pan Jam in De Rama

 17. Lesley-Ann Ellis                            The Shoes that were Mary's

18.Natasha Edmund                             I Beg to Differ

19. Georgia Mc Intyre                           Just One Mile

20.Malaika Ballantyne                           Trini Vibes


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