Living in the Wild Wild West

With the number of shootings taking place in 'sweet T&T', especially the day light occurrences, it seems that we are very much in a setting like what you see in those western films with the gun slinging and blatant disregard for the sheriff, or in this case, police officers.

Yet another young man was gunned down, yet again in broad day light. These days it would seem that the old are outliving the young. Perhaps that is the reason for the desire to implement higher retirement ages in our protective services. The victim this time was twenty-seven year old Michael Patterson who was standing on Mucurapo Street in San Fernando on Friday (Jan 15th) afternoon around 4:45pm. A lone gunman reportedly walked up to him and opened fire. Patterson died at the scene while the gunman escaped in a stolen red Matrix vehicle.


Two other youths were killed 15 hourse later in apparent reprisal as police indicate that Patterson was a known person to the involved in illicit activities.It is not known if the driver of the red matrix is one of the victims. One can only hope that these criminals do not  make our National Security Minister, retired Major General Edmund Dillion, a man who speaks untruths. Just recently, he commented that 'there has been no spike in murders for the new year. The wanton daylight shootings though indicate that there even if there is no spike in murders, there is definitely new rules in play when it comes to gang warfare.

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