Canceling Carnival

Cities across Brazil are cancelling carnival celebrations as economic woes hit the south American country ever harder. Municipal governments are citing tightened budgets, with lower tax revenues and more important projects in need of funding.

Here at home, what project or projects would we consider more important and in need of more funding if we were ever to take this approach ? Food, Education, Medical Care? At which point in our economic state would we ever consider cancelling Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago to 'cut costs' ? 

Areas that have cancelled celebrations or withdrawn public funding of parades includes Campinas, home to almost three million people. Campinas Director of Culture, Gabriel Rapassi, said that a drop in sales tax revenues from small businesses affected by the current economic situation had left the local government unable to foot the large carnival bill.

Carnival traditionally takes place over five days at the beginning of February all over Brazil but the country is currently being rocked by an economic recession thought to be the worst since the 1930s.

Back in T&T, when there was the deadly Ebola scare last year and the possibility of cancelling this year's Carnival celebrations loomed, while some put health first others if not the majority didn't mind jumping up one last time and risk their life and the health security of the nation. Makes you think as a 'party nation' where do our priority lie in such situations and will we ever rise to more than just that. 

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