Dr. Rowley The Dietician

Among all the merits under our Prime Minister's assumed tightened belt, it would seem that Dr. Keith Rowley is also a dietician as he attempts to show the people of this county the 'silver lining' behind the cloud of VAT to be added to numerous food items come February 1st, that is it would encourage us Trinbagonians to eat healthier foods. 

I remember a similar man in a similar position who didn't indulge in certain vices personally and started imposing certain bans throughout the country. They say power went to that man's head. The political career of that individual went downhill soon after that.

A former holder of high office in this country and open People's National Movement (PNM) supporter for years has stated 'if it's one thing you don't interfere with is food.' 

However Dr. Rowley noted that the items to be removed from the zero rated list were non-essential. 

The PM's comments came after Finance Minister Colm Imbert submitted a fourteen page list of items which will be removed from the zero rated items such as butter, cooking oil, cereals, soft drinks, cheese, flour, milk, ketchup etc. 

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